Gain peace of mind by organizing those spaces, routines, or files that cause you daily stress.

Hello, this is Marina Caño, founder of Resetop Organización Profesional

Resetop was born from my history with new opportunities, from the idea that starting over is suitable and necessary for everyone and to transfer this philosophy to as many people as possible.

Throughout my life, these “starting over” have gone hand in hand with processes of change that are usually overwhelming and full of uncertainties.

The key, which has allowed me to successfully address changes, has always been the mental clarity provided by good organization of those spaces or tasks that I was in charge of.

This, added to my 15 years of experience working in the retail sector and in PR and event agencies, allowed me to specialize in the spaces and file organization systems, and project management.

This entire professional career prompted me to create Resetop in 2021, allowing me to help people, families and teams on a daily basis to achieve a more organized life and improve their peace of mind.

My goal is to help you organize those spaces or routines that burden you to bring you a daily peace of mind